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Architectural Services
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We believe timeless and quality design consists of a perfect balance between functionality and luxury.



One of our key strengths is balancing our client’s brief with luxury and experimental, yet practical, architecture. A project cannot be successfully completed without integrating all consultants into a streamlined project programme, we understand the role we play in the “project team”. That is part of the peace of mind we offer to our clients.


Our architectural service focuses on providing a timeless and unique design illustrated in plan format, high-quality renders and videos, and optional VR services. Once the design has been finalized we provide highly detailed council and construction drawings. All our services include hands-on administration, submission and management services.


Our interior service turns the architectural shell into a luxurious vibrant space custom designed to your personality. We can assist in sourcing stylish high-quality finishes and furniture. We provide real-life renders supported by extensively detailed drawings.  The result is beautifully harmonized living spaces fit for purpose.


We provide high-realistic renders and videos of your future design, but why not explore your design in VR? There is no similar experience to walking through your future home in virtual reality.



Now is the best time

Why now? It is twofold, it is emotionally beneficial and a great investment opportunity. Great designs have a mental impact on us. Creative and beautiful spaces enhance development, mood, interest and relaxation. In today's busy world, to get ahead, our minds need to be treated as so. Property has become a great investment vehicle. We focus on providing unique and luxurious designs that are meant to be ahead of the market trend. We assist in sourcing high-quality items at competitive prices, which provides the opportunity for better financial returns in the future. 

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How we work

We have based our ‘Project Timeline’ on SAIA’s ‘Client Architect Agreement’:
1. Inception
2. Concept Development
3. Design Development
4.1. Council Documentation
4.2. Construction and Tender Documentation
4.3. Interior Design
5. Construction Administration and Interior Design Management
6. Project Close Out
7. Work on Existing Premises

We believe in flexibility, but some kind of backbone allows for ease of completion.

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